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  1. in game name: Catherine name: Gabriele / Gabby timezone: Germany UTC +2 ( Main country is Lithuania ) time played (screen shot): tell something about yourself: I born in Lithuania at 1995-07-17, was living there for 22 years, at the moment I living in Germany ( it's really nice changes in my life ) . I had very tough times in my past, but fighting with them every day, and helping to others who have same problem. Doesn't matter where, in game, real life, or help sites, we help to each other to survive one more day, so we could be able to fight and become stronger 🙂 why would you like to join staff team?: I like helping to others, probably like most of ppl, never ignore anyone, and having specific helper icon, players would be more confident to ask. I'm very communicating, I rather spent my time by talking with others than focusing into playing a game. why u should to be selected to staff team? Honestly I can't answer to this question, everyone deserves to get chance. what qualities could you offer to the staff team?: 1. Compassion 2. loyalty 3. Positive energy what makes you different than others? Nothing, we are all humans, we all making mistakes and trying to help. how many hours can you put into slyphscape weekly? Daily I can play like 12 hours maximum ( depends if I have something to do or not ) so weekly about 60 hours + have you ever been punished before? if yes, explain: No Thank you for taking your time and reading my application.
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