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  1. Hello everyone, I'm kamikaze one of the developers, i'm a young lad who got into computers by playing games, i studied computers and communication in high school where i aquired a lot of interests, such as web development and networking, when i was young i was outdoors quite a lot in contrast to now. Then while playing on a pretty bad server i thought - why not make my own? so i started some research into what was needed to make an rsps and soon with some help i had begun making my first rsps, after a while though i noticed that my rsps was quite lacking as when i started i knew barely anything about coding, so i abandoned that rsps in favor of learning more about java and programming in general, it took a while for me to drop it entirely though. after a while i started working with other people and now i work for Slyphscape. I'm always happy to lend anyone a hand 🙂
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