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  1. wouldnt upload to photobucket and couldnt edit the post
  2. ingamename: bart name: steven timezone: est time played (screen shot): how do you take a screen-shot? i forgot tell something about yourself: i am friendly, i grow up with 2 brothers and 1 sister i know how to handle anyone breaking any rules etc... love to make youtube videos why would you like to join staff team?: i love to help out people. to learn from the community. to help the community to understand the priorities and preferences, make the community grow bigger and stronger! why u should to be selected to staff team? i have the knowledge of being a support/mod/admin/head admin/co/(owner a bit). i would stop doing whatever im doing to help any players out. i also do youtube to bring in more players. what qualities could you offer to the staff team?: i used to be a support,mod,admin,head admin on 1 server before(ask storm & nudes). i am a support on another server as we spean about this. what makes you different than others? who's to say anyone is different from someone else? arent we all human? how many hours can you put into slyphscape weekly? everyday if i have to, around 4-5 hours, more if needed have you ever been punished before? if yes, explain: Never
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