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  1. ingamename: Nudes name: Tony timezone: Gmt +1 time played (screen shot): tell something about yourself: I'm a 24 years dude from sweden, but was born in Vietnam. Currently i'm studying as a webbdeveloper. on my free time i mostly spend it playing game and also at the gym as i got my nickname from Etheraa. why would you like to join staff team?: As i see staff team is missing some position and every staff has different timezone, new players doesn't get help and by even questioning where all the staff are at. Different timezones are mostly the problem several servers has. I'd like to join the staff-team to help new players out as helping the owners. I enjoy helping people even as in real life. why u should to be selected to staff team? I've been staff several times back in the history. Some knows me, some doesn't. But i'm a dedicated person and gives 100% of the time i try to do something in Life. what qualities could you offer to the staff team?: Loyalty, Dedication and i also offer my love. what makes you different than others? Nothing really, everyone is equall to one and other. how many hours can you put into slyphscape weekly? 7-10 hours each day, roughly 56 hours a week. have you ever been punished before? if yes, explain: No.
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