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  1. This is how storm wanted the prices
  2. PS you can do CTRL+F to search for a item Torva Pieces: 1-1B Sparta Pieces: 5-10B Carved Pieces: 5-10B Purgatory Pieces: Oreo Torva Pieces: American Torva Pieces: 10-20B Silver Torva Pieces: 20-30B Illumination Pieces: 30-40B Cryptic Pieces: 40-60B Each Frost Illumination Pieces: 100-150B Defenders Pieces: 500-650B Metallic Armor Pieces: 800-1T Rex Pieces: 1,5-2,5T Sky Torva Pieces: 1-1,2T Crex Pieces: 15T Dragon Hai Pieces: 3m Normal Virtus Pieces: 1-2B Each Battlemage Pieces: 20-40B Techtonic Pieces: 200-300B Each Gold Virtus Pieces: 350-550B Dark Blue Robe Piece: 550-750B Each Infernal Mage Pieces: 700-900B Infernal Virtus Piece: 15T Dragon-Age Pieces: N/A Pernix Pieces: 1-2B Trickster Piece: 6-8B American Pernix Pieces: 30-40B American Pernix Elite Pieces: 60-100B Skyrocket Torva Pieces: 700-1T Sliske Pieces: 1-1,2T Crimson Pernix Pieces: 3-5T Graywave Pernix Pieces: 10T Darth Maul Pieces: 15T Primordial Boots: 2-5B American Boots: 5-10B Sparta Boots: 5-10B Silver Boots: 20-30B Ornamental Boots: 30-60B Primordial Boots Elite: 400B Sky Torva Boots: 1-1,5T Infernal Boots: 2-2,5T Ragefire Boots: 2-5B Battle Mage Boots: 2-5B Infernal Boots: 500-700B Range Boots: 500M Trickster Boots: 2-5B Glavien Boots: 1B Pegasian Boots: 2-5B Pegasian Boots Elite: 1-2T Darth Maul Boots: 10T American Gloves: 2-5B Silver Gloves: 20-30B Ornamental Gloves: 30-60B Each Sky Torva Gloves: 1-1,5T Battlemage Gloves: 2-5B Barrows Gloves: N/A Infernal Gloves: 500-700B Trickster Gloves: 2-5B Infernal Gloves: 1-2T Darth Maul Gloves: 10T Blood Necklace: 5-15B Bling Chain: 200-300B Textured Necklace: 3-5T Ring Of Riches: 20B Tenacious Ring: 30B Juggernaut Ring: 40B Arcane Stream Necklace: 20-30B Blood Necklace: 5-15B Textured Necklace: 3-5T Blood Necklace 5-15B Amulet Of Range: 2-5B Textured Necklace: 3-5T Archer´s Ring (i): 2-5B Archer's Ring (i+): 100B Egyptian Sword (G): 2-5B Icy Katana: 5-10B Colourful Whip: 5-10B Noob GS: 5-10B Abbadon Dagger: 10-20B Akimbo Dagger: 150t Elemental Whip: 50-75B Sick Af Maul: 100-125B American Whip: 75-90B Energy Sword: 100-125B Bloodshot Camo Whip: 100-150B Shadow Whip: 125-175B Ancient Axes: 175-200B Dragonbone Scimitar: Untradeable! Jester Sword: 150-200B Doom Blade: 200-300B Rainbow Ghostly Sword: 200-300B Shark Tooth: 300-500B Talis Sword: 300-450B Hellfire Scythe: 10-15t Defenders Sword: 5T Google Chrome Sword: 1-1,5T lit af Sword: 80t Royal Blade: 50t Seismic Staff: 5-10B Infernal Battlestaff: 10t Deathblue Staff: 80-100t Trident Staff: 20-40t Icy Crossbow: 5-10B Purple Dimension Bow: 30-50B Shadow Bow: 45-60B Rainbow Bow: 80-100B Vortex Bow: 150-250B Limey Bow: 600-800B Sea Devil Bow: 800-1T Animal Bow: 20-25T Minigun: 3-5B Golden Minigun: 300B Frost Minigun: 700B-900B Vortex Minigun: 900B-1,2T Dragon Minigun: 9-10T Storms Minigun: 15t Sky Rocket Minigun: 30t Rainbow Minigun: 45T Devil Cape: 2-5B Cash Wings: 20-40B American Wings: 2-5B White Wings: 10-15B Cryptic Wings: 60-80B Infernal Wings: 800-1T Frost Wings: 75-100B Sky Rocket Cape: 250-350B Defenders Cape: 250-350B Rainbow Infernal Cape: 800B Infernal Max Cape: 2-3T Hulk Cap: 600-700B Custom Infernal Cape: 2T Devil Cape: 2-5B Cash Wings: 20-40B Skyrocket Cape: 250-350B Cryptic Wings: 60-80B Infernal Wings: 800-1T Rainbow Infernal Cape: 800B-1T Infernal Max Cape: 2-3T Devil Cape: 2-5B Cash Wings: 20-40B Cryptic Wings: 60-80B Special Wings: 100_200B Skyrocket Cape: 250-350B Rainbow Infernal Cape: 800B Sea Devil Wings: 300-400B Infernal Wings: 800-1T Darklord Cape: 80-100T Darth Maul Wings: 10T Godstone Shield: 100-200B Sparta Shield: 15-20B Red Spirit Shield: 20-30B Vortex Spirit Shield: 30-40B Frost Spirit Shield: 50-75B Gold Spirit Shield: 30-40B Dragonbone Kiteshield: 40-50B Infernal Kiteshield: 150-200B Defenders Spirit Shield: 700-900B Greywave Spirit Shield: 1,5-2T Darklord Cape: (125% drop Rate): 120T Spirit Cape: (100% drop Rate): 60-80T Paper Sack (50% drop Rate): 20T Ring of Devotion (100% drop Rate): 2-3T 25% DR Increasing Ring (25% drop Rate): 500-700B One Cape (50% drop Rate): 20-30T 50% DR Increasing Boots: 25-30T Ruby(B) Amulet (100% drop Rate): 10-12T Diamond (B) Amulet(50% drop rate): 8-10T Karamja Gloves(50% drop rate): 40-50T Emerald amulet (B) (100% drop rate): 10-12T Pet Abyzou Wrencher (20% drop rate): 1,2-1,7T Infernal Beast Pet (20% drop rate): 2T Hulk Pet (20% drop rate): 1,2-1,7T Venomous Spider Pet (15% drop rate): 900B-1,2T Custom Hound Pet (10% drop rate): 300-500B Collectors necklace (15% drop rate): 7-10T Collectors necklace (I) (100% drop rate): 12-15T Abyssal Helm (15% drop rate): 5-6T Abyssal Platebody (15% drop rate): 5-6T Abyssal Platelegs (15% drop rate): 5-6T Justiciar Helm (50% drop rate): 40T Justiciar Platebody (100% drop rate): 70-80T Justiciar Platelegs (100% drop rate): 70-80T Sick AF Maul (BLUE): 100B Sick AF Maul (GOLD): 125B Money Bonds: 80B-100B PER $1 (price varies with bulk) Voting Scrolls: 60B Penguin Tele Scroll: N/A Darth Tele Scroll: N/A Ant Man Scroll: 40T Scroll of Praise: 1-2T Scroll of Cleansing: 2-3T Ecto Tokens: 60B-80B Per 1k Supreme Mystery Boxes: 2t Ultra Boxes: 500-700B Donation Boxes: 250B Legendary Package: 1B Mystery Box: 350M (350B per 1k) Infernal Box: 700B Normal Partyhats (besides blue): 500M Black Partyhat: 1B Special Partyhat: 5B Special Custom Partyhat (textured): 200-500B Santa hat: 500M Coloured Santa hats: 500M Special Custom Santa (textured): 200-500B Pink top hat: 300B Rainbow Skateboard: 200-300B XP Lamps: 5-7B ea Holy Water 60-80B/1k Credit to Chaosworld for making the guide Edited by Danne and Storm
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