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Artillery staff application

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ingamename: Artillery

name: Corey

timezone: Pacific

time played (screen shot): 80 hrs, it wont let me upload image here for some reason.

tell something about yourself Names Corey i am 27 years old, been playing runescape and rsps's for 10 years, I live in tennesse United states. 

why would you like to join staff team?: Looking to help the server and the players, would like to help advertise and bring more people in.

why u should to be selected to staff team? I am very knowledgeable in rsps's, I am loyal and dedicated to the cause.

what qualities could you offer to the staff team?: Advertisment for the server, loyality and helping the players.

what makes you different than others? I am dedicated to the server I am pretty active in the game

how many hours can you put into slyphscape weekly? 10-30 hrs

have you ever been punished before? if yes, explain: no


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